Where Print Still Lives!

Where Print Still Lives!

Travel Back in Time

The Old Magazine Store.com in Downtown Skokie, Illinois (north of Chicago) is a surreal time-travel into the past. Pick out any year you want to visit: 1955, 1942, 1929 or 1916 and you can find a vintage collectable magazine that draws your interest. 


Magazines Make Great Gifts!

If you are looking to surprise someone with a unique and creative gift that they will treasure, or you are a collector of magazines, here is a brief list of possibilities from The Old Magazine Store.com.

Russian history dating back to 1917;  fifty years of jazz magazines from Wales and the USA;  world military history, adult magazines from the 1950s; framable fashion cover stories from 80 years of major publications; actual full size comic pages from the 1920s; Hot Rod, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend and many extinct car magazines back to 1950.  You can find Mad, Cracked & Sick humor magazines organized by artist for collectors or photography periodicals, from the 1940s on. Jewish/Israeli, Palestinian/Moslem and Middle Eastern history and wars or early stories about computer technology, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. 1920 - 1980s of Scientific American for any physicists or rocket scientists in your family.